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TUNESDAY inna Club Finca

Every Tuesday we have a reggae lounge in the Finca in Stuttgart. We run this together with Suzzlic Stereo and every second Tuesday it’s our turn (check our dates on myspace). This lounge is supposed to bring reggae and dancehall lovers together, to chill to some good music, play some Tischkicker and just have a good time. We are doing this now for nearly half a year and figured out that Tuesdays are not the most popular evenings to got out:) But still people are coming very regularly. Last Tunesday we had a D&B and Dubstep special with DJ Rambun. The music was great and I really enjoyed the evening, event though not so many people came.

I really like the atmosphere in the Finca bar and every week, the Tunesday evenings are really a nice time. You hear tunes, that wouldn’t be played regularly on a weekend party and you get the opportunity to chat with nice and interesting people. And to be honest – what is there else to do on Tuesday’s in Stuttgart?

So hopefully, as time goes by, even more people will come. Forget about TV and go out to have some fun!

Location wanted!

As a lot of you know, we had a great party called Bass Culture going on in Stuttgart in the Club Finca.

Unfortunately the concept of the club changed so Bass Culture had to be stopped although always a lot of people came to party with us. We want to continue that party but right now, we need a good idea, where a good location for a dancehall party could be.

So if anyone has an idea, where we could go, let us know! We are checking out clubs in the meantime but maybe we oversaw an interesting location? The best hint will be awarded with a copy of our new mixtpape that I am working on right now:)
Greetings Chris

I can’t stop fucking you

there was an interesting link in the riddim newsletter 2day (btw thx to David Newsletterman for interesting stuff again & again) check out this tune – Kartel & Spice inna dirty combination, „Man to Man, Gyal to Gyal – dat wrong“ and a detailed description of what fits perfectly together 😉

Stuttgart’s Sleepers

Aaight dis should be a controversial discussion, so please don’t hesistate to participate:
For about one year we follow a change in the reggae & dancehall scene here in stuttgart.

The number of parties decreased dramatically. Once there were a lot of adresses for a Dance every weekend, now there’s just one date (ok. two if u count the U-Turn). A lot of sounds lost their regular-parties including us and the possibilities to find a new one aren’t as easy as many of you’ll believe. Maybe this is based on the problem, that the people here are very fussy, of course there were many sounds who tried to create a good concept in the wrong club! And that’s the issue, we’ll definitely find a club to start a new regular but we’re afraid of the risks! Our first regular in Club Finca was really successful and we were surprised about that! Maybe our concept was great, we’ve always invited sounds from other cities, the club was exactly in Stuttgart’s center and we chose a 2-month-intervall to arrange the parties AND the club was new to the scene and no other party bombed (funny the word bombed means „floppen“). If the club-owner hadn’t decided that he only wanted to run a strictly electro music club, I’m sure Bass Culture would still be a good party!

The last time when I was in Zollamt I couldn’t believe what I saw there: The massive is gettin‘ younger and different and I really miss the good old times, but I’m open and I try to accept this fact. The only place where u can meet some really old music-friends is still Kingston Hot, but massive, where are u at the other 3 weekends?

Right, I know there is a change – not just in Stuttgart. A lot of threads in dhm discuss this tiredness and of course I think that it depends on several factors, but is this really just a recent problem? Frequently u hear always the same theories, one believes that the music changed and that this is the biggest problem, others think that there are just not enough good parties – I personally think that there was excessive supply and this caused this tiredness here. But now I’m tired of staying at home and I really wish to get more opportunities during the weekends!

Ok. if u’ve another theory or any comments, please leave them below!
Would be great to read it! Glory

Some Pics from Mannheim






Melbourne meets Kingston – Reggae outa Australia

While traveling through Australia this summer, I discovered the music of a young australian artist called Mista Savona. His album is a great mixture of dancehall and reggae styles but has a very special vybe to it. He is the first australian artist that worked with jamaican artists. So the album features for example Anthony B.

I found him on myspace and wanted to share this link with you:


Black Man in di White House

Yes Friends,
as u all know, there was a very important election this mounth and 4real di dream come tru‘: America choose di 1st black president in history. For mi, dis man is a hero and I do believe in change, so Barack’s Slogan: Yes, we can! should become our common motto if we waan fi reach our goals and mek dis place to a betta one!

So many artists dedicated their Songs to Barack and now mi like to show u my favorite one’s:

Jimmy Cliff: Born to win

Sizzla: Black Man in the white house

Mykal Rose: This is History

and here’s some funny stuff: Homer Simpson tries to elect Obama
(and unfortunately true – so now we all know how Bush wins in 2004;)

Comin‘ up next


Lioness, Firecat & Soundselectors @ AKW Würzburg


Big tings a gwaan inna Mannheim

Yes people,

yesterday (22.11.2008) we went to Mannheim for a show called „Feel the pressure“. Originally Turbulence should play deh but unfortunately the tour was canceled a few days before. BUT – the fact that he would’t perform was no reason for the people fi stay at home and after midnight the club was well-stocked. Before we started to play, Slin Rockaz and Baitin‘ Lizards played a great warm-up set so it was’t very hard to set the party on fire.

This show was literally one of the best we’ve ever played. Mi Selectress played a set which combined classical dancehall with some new innovative and wicked stuff, so it was’nt hard for mi to talk to all di nice people deh and tek di show to an higher level!

Well, some wicked live-shows from Jah Sesco, Wonda Prince & a short part from Skarra Muchi completed the night and we’ve played a nice tune-fi-tune with Slin Rockaz! Big up Mannheim Massive, Rude 7 Team, Slin Rockaz, Fyahwear, Basstone, Deebuzz & Muchi and all mi gyals dem deh, it was a pleasure and we’ll com‘ back soon (hopefully).

If anybody took some pics, it would be cool if u send dem to me cause our camera fucked up!!

… glory