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Der Soundtrack zum Sommer

Bevors losgeht mit der Sommerpause gibts auch von mir noch nen Tip für alle Reggae Liebahber. Unsere Freunde von Seven Mountain haben nen neuen Mix draußen, den ich euch wärmstens ans Herz legen wollte. Auf ihrer Myspace Seite gibts das Teil zum Download: Also don’t miss it and enjoy the vibez!


Yes Massive,
today a friend of ours needs your support. Have you heard about the best job in the world? You can be an island ranger in Australia, live in a big mansion and snorkel and dive all day. What a life! One had to apply with a 1 minute video and all the viewers have to vote for the best video. Our friend Carsten applied and he’s the perfect match for the job. The video is hillarious so don’t miss to watch it and rate it with 5 stars!!!!
Thanks for the support and have fun watching!!

Watch the wicked video!


Yes People,

once again it’s time for the tune of the week. Check out the Disturbia Riddim, wicked stuff!

It’s hard to choose one favourite track cause couple of tunes are really big, but I decided for the Capleton Tune- Follow mi… So follow mi into disturbia:)

Capleton- Follow mi

TUNESDAY inna Club Finca

Every Tuesday we have a reggae lounge in the Finca in Stuttgart. We run this together with Suzzlic Stereo and every second Tuesday it’s our turn (check our dates on myspace). This lounge is supposed to bring reggae and dancehall lovers together, to chill to some good music, play some Tischkicker and just have a good time. We are doing this now for nearly half a year and figured out that Tuesdays are not the most popular evenings to got out:) But still people are coming very regularly. Last Tunesday we had a D&B and Dubstep special with DJ Rambun. The music was great and I really enjoyed the evening, event though not so many people came.

I really like the atmosphere in the Finca bar and every week, the Tunesday evenings are really a nice time. You hear tunes, that wouldn’t be played regularly on a weekend party and you get the opportunity to chat with nice and interesting people. And to be honest – what is there else to do on Tuesday’s in Stuttgart?

So hopefully, as time goes by, even more people will come. Forget about TV and go out to have some fun!