watch out di gyals a go maaad ‚cus it’s  a tuff gyal link up!

right here we want to introduce ourselfs:
Our names are Glory, Chrizz and Miri and Firecat and 2gether we’re a female soundsystem called Lioness Movement.
We’re based in Stuttgart Germany and we’re running di business since five years. You can visit our Myspace Profile to see more  pics and listen to our dubs @: or visit Facebook. In 2k10 our Sound-Colleque Firecat joined into Lioness Movement and from now on Lioness will have four members.

We all luv Reggae & Dancehall Music for a long time and to found dis sound was a dream that became true.
This means so much 4 us and we’re really happy to get the chance to follow our dreams!

This fact’s just due to our supportaz like all the people who came to our shows, all the sounds who gave us a chance especially BassTone, Toppshatta Movement and our gyal Firecat! Big up everytime!

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