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Yes Massive,
today a friend of ours needs your support. Have you heard about the best job in the world? You can be an island ranger in Australia, live in a big mansion and snorkel and dive all day. What a life! One had to apply with a 1 minute video and all the viewers have to vote for the best video. Our friend Carsten applied and he’s the perfect match for the job. The video is hillarious so don’t miss to watch it and rate it with 5 stars!!!!
Thanks for the support and have fun watching!!

Watch the wicked video!


Melbourne meets Kingston – Reggae outa Australia

While traveling through Australia this summer, I discovered the music of a young australian artist called Mista Savona. His album is a great mixture of dancehall and reggae styles but has a very special vybe to it. He is the first australian artist that worked with jamaican artists. So the album features for example Anthony B.

I found him on myspace and wanted to share this link with you: