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I-Space Ting relaunched

Yeah Freunde,
checkt mal unsere neue MySpace Seite ab, wurde soeben online gestellt! Neben aufgefrischtem Design und Inhalt gibts auch unser neustes Dubplate exklusiv im Player! Check it out, Raymond Wright for Lioness! Wicked ting dat.

What do u think about? Let mi know.
Aaaight und allen natürlich ein fettes Weekend da draußen.

Anbei noch meine Link-Empfehlung zur letzten Sentinel Kingston Hot Radio Show gestern… wieder sehr freshe NewTunes dabei und das Interview mit Paul von Citylock!


Tune of the week

right this section is for u all: whats your current favorite tune or riddim? Let us know and provide some information too! Your’re able to post your comments or links/videos when you’ll click at the headline!

Right now I’ll begin:
for the whole two last months my favorite Riddim called: Cash Register!

Listen to some wicked Dubplates @ our Myspace Profile or enjoy one of the best Elephant Man Productions I’ve ever heard.


There are also some great productions from Mykal Rose, Lady Saw and Kartel on it!
Check it out, here you can hear a short mix:


Melbourne meets Kingston – Reggae outa Australia

While traveling through Australia this summer, I discovered the music of a young australian artist called Mista Savona. His album is a great mixture of dancehall and reggae styles but has a very special vybe to it. He is the first australian artist that worked with jamaican artists. So the album features for example Anthony B.

I found him on myspace and wanted to share this link with you: