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Big tings a gwaan inna Mannheim

Yes people,

yesterday (22.11.2008) we went to Mannheim for a show called „Feel the pressure“. Originally Turbulence should play deh but unfortunately the tour was canceled a few days before. BUT – the fact that he would’t perform was no reason for the people fi stay at home and after midnight the club was well-stocked. Before we started to play, Slin Rockaz and Baitin‘ Lizards played a great warm-up set so it was’t very hard to set the party on fire.

This show was literally one of the best we’ve ever played. Mi Selectress played a set which combined classical dancehall with some new innovative and wicked stuff, so it was’nt hard for mi to talk to all di nice people deh and tek di show to an higher level!

Well, some wicked live-shows from Jah Sesco, Wonda Prince & a short part from Skarra Muchi completed the night and we’ve played a nice tune-fi-tune with Slin Rockaz! Big up Mannheim Massive, Rude 7 Team, Slin Rockaz, Fyahwear, Basstone, Deebuzz & Muchi and all mi gyals dem deh, it was a pleasure and we’ll com‘ back soon (hopefully).

If anybody took some pics, it would be cool if u send dem to me cause our camera fucked up!!

… glory