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Yes People,

once again it’s time for the tune of the week. Check out the Disturbia Riddim, wicked stuff!

It’s hard to choose one favourite track cause couple of tunes are really big, but I decided for the Capleton Tune- Follow mi… So follow mi into disturbia:)

Capleton- Follow mi

Tune of the week

right this section is for u all: whats your current favorite tune or riddim? Let us know and provide some information too! Your’re able to post your comments or links/videos when you’ll click at the headline!

Right now I’ll begin:
for the whole two last months my favorite Riddim called: Cash Register!

Listen to some wicked Dubplates @ our Myspace Profile or enjoy one of the best Elephant Man Productions I’ve ever heard.


There are also some great productions from Mykal Rose, Lady Saw and Kartel on it!
Check it out, here you can hear a short mix: